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Readings from Past Issues of Direct Art

Dan Lydersen, Steeped in Existential turmoil, Vol 17(PDF)
Socio-political Iconography, Zsebe and Villamizar V.17 (PDF)
Clifton Harvey, Unexpected conclusions V.17 (PDF)
Timothy French, A moment of clarity, V.17 (PDF)
Ben Tolman, Matters of Life and Death, Vol 16 (PDF)
Dominic Rouse, Imprinting The Soul, Vol 16 (PDF)
Monika Malewska, Kitsch and High Art, Vol 16 (PDF)
Ann Harper and Steve Shanks, The Happy Couple, Vol 16 (PDF)
Walt Curlee, Appalachian Landscapes, Vol 16 (PDF)
Michael Reedy, Let's Pretend it's All Spontaneous, Vol 15, (PDF)
Toby Berthold, Ripples in the Narcissistic Pool Vol. 15 (PDF)
Scott Stockdale, Emotional Turmoil, Volume 15, (PDF)
Michael Heinrich, Mantras From the Penal Planet (A Rant!), Vol 14 (PDF)
David Bowers - Emotions are Largely Predictable, Vol 14, (PDF)
Terrance Lindall - Writes Himself into History, Vol 14, (PDF)
Robert McCann, Painting a Modern Mythology, Vol 14, (PDF)
Brad Busenius, Symbols of Power, Vol. 13
Greg Lukens, Dangerous Art, Vol. 13
Aleksander Balos, A Masterly Technique, Vol. 13
Mark Rodriguez, Serious Intent, Vol. 13
d'Holbachie Yoko, Apocolyptic Disneyland, Vol. 12
Fred Kahler, Mapping the Code, Vol. 12
Sisun Song, Doll Doll Mari, Vol. 12
William Ayton, Inside the War Room, Vol. 12
Scott Brooks, Clash of the Virtues, Vol. 11
Artur "Gouy" Golacki, Inner Evolution, Vol 11
Duat Vu, A Chain of Circumstance, Vol 11
John Wotipka, The Absurd Realm, Vol. 10
Anthony Janello, The Mystery of Vincent Crudelle, Vol. 10
Intae Kim, Flowers of Peace Vol. 10
Naoto Hattori, Poet with Paint, Vol. 9
James Wille Faust, Respecting the Elements by Barry Thorne, Vol. 9
Nathan Di Pietro, A Modern Iconographer, Vol. 9
Liang Guo, Eye from Another World, by Jane Tenasi, Vol. 9
Kustura, Recent Works - Mostly by Janet Sonntag, Vol. 8.
Steve Cosentino, Human Being by Tina Stave, Vol. 8
Hawk Alfredson, A Call From Space, Vol. 7
Rogues Gallery, The Art of Robert Reynolds by Craig Stephens, Vol. 6
George Crosby, Denzien of the Dark, Vol. 6
Jeremy Eagle, Artist in Exile, Vol. 5
Slowinski, A Psycho Self Portrait, Vol. 4
Sumatimohon, a guru in Greenwich Village, Vol. 4
Ernest Frazier, Random Deliberations, Vol. 3

33 Men in 1978 by Tim Slowinski (PDF) Vol 15
Hammers and Saws, by Tim Slowinski Vol. 16 (PDF)
Faces and Nudes, by Tim Slowinski, V.17 (PDF)

Strange Figurations at Limner 2009 V.17 (PDF)
Milwaukee Art Museum, Wonder of the Midwest, by Robert McCray
Critical Masses, (Uncredited) Artifacts by Sam Whitman, Vol. 8
Dark on Dark, six artists interviewed by Dakota Lane, Vol. 6
Art and War by Craig Stephens, Vol. 6
Buldging Through History, Vol. 3
Evolution of the Artist, Vol. 3
A Plop of Art (At NYC's New Museum) Vol. 7 (text only)
MoMA, the Bomb and The Abstract Expressionists, Vol. 4 (text only)
Chelsea Art Walk (review of NYC Chelsea Galleries) Vol. 2 (text only)
Soho Blues (NYC Soho districts dying woes) Vol. 1 (text only)

Ali Fitzgerald, Sinning Selectively, Vol. 11
Ryan Bown, Art and Science, Vol. 10
O'Neill Interview, Vol. 4
Turner Interview, Vol. 2
Slowinski Interview, Vol. 1

Art And Communism, by Tim Slowinski Vol 14 (PDF)
Vegans Vs. Beefeaters, by Tim Slowinski, Vol. 13 (PDF)
Still Life with Amateur, by Michael Stusser, Vol. 13
The Way of Art In America, by Tim Slowinski, Vol. 12
East Village Sop Story by Tim Slowinski, Vol. 11
Art and Coffee by Michael A Stusser, Vol. 10
Art and Luck by Robert Smythe, Vol. 9
Slowinskiland by Andrei Codrescu, SE Fall 2003
Restoring the Essential Goodness by Mike Feder, SE Fall 2003
An Empire of Unending Horror by Dakota Lane, SE Fall 2003
Art and Clutter, by Robert Kernodle, Vol 8.
Art and Trash, Vol 7.
Truth Gives Life to Art, by Sumatimohan, Vol. 6
Art and Hamburger, Vol 5.
Art and GMMT, Vol. 4
Art and Copyright by Anastasia Winslow, Vol. 2
Art and Investing by Robert Donahue, Vol.1

Dear Director Column (assorted letters from past issues)

Chelsea Art Dealer by Ura Fraude, Vol. 4
Chelsea Art Dealer by Ura Fraude, Vol. 5

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