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Direct Art Magazine

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Readings from Past Issues


Direct Art was founded in 1999 as an alternative fine art magazine. It was originally published biannually and is now a periodical. The concept of Direct Art is to provide a direct connection between the artist and the public. The commentary in the magazine is written by the artists themselves, unfiltered by critical and/or curatorial analysis. In their own voice artists talk about their own work in a sincere and direct manner. The unique stylistic vision of Direct Art sets it apart from traditional art magazines. Rather than following current art market standards and trends, Direct Art follows it's own vision. It's vision is focused on the unique creativity of each individual artist. As such it is not to be labeled or described, only to be experienced. 

Direct Art is devoted purely to fine art and while commercial advertising is not strictly prohibited, it is not solicited by the publication.

Some of the covers from back issues are listed on this page. Use the links below to view online editions and order copies.




Originally called Direct Art Buyer, the magazine changed to Direct Art on the third issue, above is the original first cover, Volume 1, 1999

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