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yoko2.jpg (32901 bytes)
Syrup 82     Computer Generated     23" x 16"

d'Holbachie Yoko

Apocolyptic Disneyland

d’Holbachie-Yoko is a mysterious girl. When I first met her, she looked like an ordinary girl of small stature. Her works, however, are not only powerful, but also have a magic charm that wins viewer’s hearts. Despite their grotesqueness, her fanciful works reflect the mysterious, gentle gaze of a female artist.

I first saw her work at the exhibition corner of an event called Design Fiesta. A painting at the exhibition fascinated me. It had very vivid colors, and its subjects were strange like dreams. There was an apocalyptic end of the world feeling to them yet at the same time they had a childlike Disneyland quality.

A girl, I thought she was a receptionist, came to me and gave me a postcard. It was much later that I found out the girl was the artist herself. I was surprised to find that the creator of these bizarre fantasies could have such a simple, conservative personality.

yoko3.jpg (25770 bytes)









Flying Green  Computer Generated  23" x 16"

I often draw strange creatures. Some people may think they are grotesque and scary, but I do not intend to draw something grotesque. I feel they have been living in me for a long time, rather than I created them. And, they came out of me, using my paintings. So, it is difficult to answer when people ask, "What are they? What are they supposed to mean?" I wish someone would explain it for me.

Although I am a small and ordinary person, images that come out of me are very strange and intense. When I was a child, I did not know what to do with them. I did not like people treating me as a strange child; however, it was very fortunate that I was able to learn painting and computer graphic techniques.

yoko1.jpg (29633 bytes)







Humming Bird    Computer Generated     23" x 16"

It is not easy to bring the images out and make them into paintings. Like a mother trying to deliver a baby, I have to help those formless images struggling to gain form. It is a pleasure, and at the same time, it is a pain. They try to come out every day, giving me no choice but to become a painter. The images, however, never run out, helping me to work as an artist.

yoko4.jpg (25462 bytes)









Hitoto Shite   Computer Generated    23" x 16"

Animals, insects, fish, and toys... These things used to be close to me when I was a child. I like to take these in my design. Maybe it is because my childhood memory is vivid, or I am still childish. I love long tentacle-like shapes with stripes or dappled patterns, such as octopus tentacles and tendrils of morning glory. They look as if they are presenting something gently, or as if they are looking for something.

I also love vivid colors. I imagine colors that only exist in my dreams. I also ruminate about the impact of colors that are combined like spices. A person who saw my work said to me, "I feel my head spinning and my heart beating rapidly." Maybe, it was because the new color, which I made, stimulated his brain. It is at such moments that I feel the emotion inside me is shared by someone else.

yoko5.jpg (23405 bytes)
Happy World    Computer Generated     23" x 16"


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