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Direct Art is open and accessible to new artists. Artists are sought out on a continuing basis through ongoing international calls for entries. From these entries artists are selected purely on the merits of their work. In this manner Direct Art remains accessible and maintains a high standard of quality in the work represented.

Artists are presented in the magazine in a few different formats. Some artists are selected for full sized articles about their work. These articles may be analytical or biographical and range from five to six pages. Artists featured in articles are also used to illustrate the front and back covers of the magazine. Other artists are represented in smaller three to four page mini-articles.

Many artists are selected for image display pages. These pages are not formatted as articles, but simply with images of artwork and contact information. These display pages can be in the form of a double page spread, a single page, or a half page.

All artists in the magazine have the option of listing their personal contact information, web site, and email for purposes of business contact and sales.     

There is no cost to artists selected to appear in Direct Art through the call for entries. In each issue from 30 to 40 artists are selected to appear on this basis. There is no commercial advertising in the publication, however, we do reserve a few pages in each issue for artist advertising. Artists who are not accepted to the magazine through the call for entries, may be given the option of purchasing advertising pages. These advertising pages are not open to the public but only offered to artists who respond to the call for entries and are reviewed.

For general information on the magazine see our ABOUT US page. If you are interested in submitting your work for upcoming issues use the link below:





article.jpg (14159 bytes)

Above: Sample artist feature article from Vol. 8

doub.jpg (9683 bytes)

Above: Sample double page display from Vol. 8

Below: Sample single display pages from Vol. 8

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