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From SlowArt
The Meaning of SlowArt

From Direct Art
Faces and Nudes, by Tim Slowinski Vol. 17 (PDF)
Hammers and Saws, by Tim Slowinski Vol. 16 (PDF)
33 Men in 1978 by Tim Slowinski (PDF) Vol 15
Andrei Codrescu, "Slowinskiland"
Dakota Lane, "An Empire of Unending Horror--But Funny"
Mike Feder, "Restoring the Essential Goodness"
Slowinski, A Psycho Self Portrait  Direct Art Vol. 4
Slowinski Interview, Direct Art Vol. 1
Art And Communism, by Tim Slowinski Vol 14 (PDF)
Vegans Vs. Beefeaters, by Tim Slowinski, Vol. 13 (PDF)

The Way of Art In America, by Tim Slowinski, Vol. 12
East Village Sop Story, by Tim Slowinski
Art and Trash, by Tim Slowinski
Art and Hamburger, by Tim Slowinski
Art and GMMT, by Tim Slowinski

Paul Smart, Phoenicia Times "For Arts Sake"

Shana Nys Dambrot, Hot Lava Magazine, August 1996

From The Woodstock Times
Early Suburbs (Story on Slowinski's work from 1986)
Future Tense (a review of Slowinski's first solo show, 1981- with a picture of invitation)
Assorted shorts from group reviews

From The Post Eagle

From Limner Gallery
A Brief Slowinski Biography

A Show History in Pictures

Posters from past exhibits

Some Novelty Stuff:

Some gallery guide ads from the 1980s
Stan Mack's Real Life Funnies from the Village Voice, 1988
Some Magazine Covers
Oysterhead Album Cover:
From a Mandala site: