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SlowArt Exhibition Selection Results

Neoteric Abstract 2018 Results
First Name Last Name Title Media
Lisa Battle Memory Ceramic
Todd Behrendt Nothing is the Matter Ink
Kathleen Bennett Bastis Tangled Up in Blue metal plastic paper plexiglass
Nancy Breakstone Threads Photography
Emily Brodrick Cocoon Yarn and wire
Diane Christi Ice-3 Pastel
Fay Deng Grott Acrylic and mixed media
John T Fallon Man In a Box Oil on wood
James Wille Faust Night Sky Digital Drawing
Alex La Ferla Gemini Drawings No. 2 Ink on paper
Cynthia Goodman Brantley Making Tracks Color pencil
Cheryl Handy Rain Forest mixed media
Jerome Hershey U2 Acrylic-colored pencil on wood
Jesse Hill All of it enamel on wood panel
Andrzej Michael Karwacki EQ-1800-72-L6 Acrylic and resin on panel
Melissa Mace In Memory Digital photography printed on metal
Willie Marlowe Kite #21 Acrylic on paper
Wyatt Mitchell Lost Pen on paper
Philip Portoghese Intervention oil on linen
Anthony Ruscitto Movement Through Space Monotype
Andrew Sato Chemical Peel Acrylic and spray paint on wood

Thanks to all the artists who participated in the process.
Good luck with your continuing works!

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