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SlowArt Exhibition Selection Results

Strange Figurations 2017 Results
First Name Last Name Title Media
Bailey Berendsen Snail Girl Gouache paint on bristol board
Will Crane Dirty Mind- But Prayed About It Acrylic on paper
Tommy (Yuckie Warbucks) de Yampert Bed Head Gouache
Jari Di Giampietro Patanello Watercolor on cotton paper
Scott Eagle The Third Dream of Falling Man Acrylic on paper
Todd Fife The Kraków Monster as the Virgin of Guadalupe Mixed media and gold leaf on board
William Fillmore Foie Gras Painted Stoneware- wood & pennies
Darryl Furtkamp Philanderer Oil- collage and glass on panel
Mark Graham La Sacra Conversazione Acrylics on canvas
John Houseman Hood Ornament Gouache on illustration board
Zoe Kaplan Modern Mesh 02:13
Michael Kellner Conjoined Twin Study 2 Watercolor
Laura Kern Sprouting Relief Wood Plastic and Glue
Tina Kostadinova untitled Collage
Barbara Tepper Levy Everything She Wants is Everything She Sees Collage
Kelly A McGrath Ptelea Kozo fiber, wax- found wood
Charles McNary Chthonic Goddess and her earth bound minions Graphite
Sara Niroobakhsh Self-Portrait Series Oil
D. O. Doll Pencil on paper
Tania Pomales Sanguine Despair Oil on wood panel
Alma Elaine Shoaf And the Head of..." Acrylic, ink, pencil, watercolor
Joe Stavec She awoke to find herself in a dream Oil on Canvas
Serhat Tanyolacar Justice Engraved hybrid print (unique)
Jon Neal Wallace aka Wjonart Vision of Liz Oil
Hugo Zanzi The Land of Feathers 06 Photography
Thomas Zydek WAYNE 5510.02 Digital photoprint laminated on aluminum dibond

Thanks to all the artists who participated in the process.
Good luck with your continuing works!

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