Above: Works from the 2015 exhibit


December 3 - 31, 2016

Entry October 30, 2016

No Entry Fee to Apply

  Maximum size 18"

[including frame]

Email entries only
Submit up to four artworks

Send your entry email to:

Email Subject: Small Works

In your email message write:
Your Name
Your City and State
Your email address

List the artworks you are
submitting with title,
size, medium and price.

Attach your JPG images to the email.
JPG files should be approx 1MB or less in size.


There is no entry fee to apply. If accepted to exhibit the artist will be required to pay a $50 hanging / promotion fee per piece. Two piece limit per artist. Space is limited and will be apportioned on a first come basis. Entry may be closed prior to deadline. No commissions on the first $100 of any sales, 35% thereafter.

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