SlowArt Image Presentation Guidelines

You may submit with prints alone. Any type prints up to 8.5" x 11" in size are accepted. Be sure to include your name, title, dimensions and media on the back of the print.

Digital Files Submitted on Disc:
You may submit with digital files submitted on a disc. Discs and files need to be readable in PC format. We can read Mac discs and CD's (CD is recommended), but occasionally there are problems. If you work in PhotoShop on Mac save your images as TIF files and select PC format when saving them. Files can be submitted as TIF or JPG files. TIF files should not be larger than 15MB. JPG files before opening should not be larger than 2MB. If it is not an inconvenience you may include two files of each image, a low res 72dpi file and a higher res 300dpi file. This is good because if you are selected the low res file will be used for the web site and the high res can be used for print in the magazine, on invitations or promotions. These two files of the same image will count as one entry (similar to one slide). It is easier for us to have the two files, large and small, but it will not affect your entry to submit only one if that is all you are able to do.

CD's must be accompanied either by sample prints of the work (as in prints above) or by a single sheet with smaller (approx. 2") prints of the entries. Next to the small images on the single sheet write the entry info, name, title, dimensions and media. The accompanying prints are required because once your CD is viewed the jury will refer to your prints rather than reload your CD each time they want to look at the work. If you submit a CD without the prints your work will not be properly represented to the jury and may be rejected on that basis alone.  

Email or Web Page entries:
We only accept low res files submitted via email. Files should be sized no larger than twelve inches (30.4cm) @72dpi and saved as JPG format. If using PhotoShop save the JPG at image option 5 with format set to optimized. Submit images as an attachment or pasted into the email window. Entry form contact info should be written in the email message, or included as a text file in the zip attachment. In Web Page entries, images should be posted to a web page and the URL submitted in the email instead of the digital files. Include all the entry form info: name, title, dimensions, media in the email message that accompanies the images and the web link. Payment for Email and Web Page entries should be made via PayPal at the time of entry.

Artists submitting slides should use 35mm format. Do not submit larger transparencies. 35mm slides can be both projected and placed in our 8.5" x 11" slide viewer. Larger transparencies will not be projected or placed in the viewer. Be sure to write or label the slide with your name, title, dimensions and media. If your name is not on the slide and it is separated from your return envelope it may not be possible to find the envelope and return it to you. Remember, the first round of jury selection is not done with a projector, it is done with a light box and a magnifier. If your slides are underexposed or if the image is not clear you risk rejection on this basis alone.