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A Show Of Heads

October  22 - November 21, 2015

Reception: Saturday, October 24, 5-7pm

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Raul Acero, Alma # 41, 10 x 7, Ceramic

Ariane Ahlmann, Disconnected fragments of time, 9x8, Mixed media on canvas

Lauren Beauchner, Three Oceans Away, 5x4, Oil on canvas

Christian Bernal, Nyarlatha Jeane, 36 x 24,Photo print on canvas

Alexander Brunner, Distant, 12x20, Acrylic & mixed media on panel

Leah Miriam Cooper, Paternal / Maternal, (Video still above) https://vimeo.com/114181937

Michael S. Davis, Self Reflection, 10 x 14 x 10
Cast Bronze- Cast Iron- Steel- Cast Resin- Wood

Marc A. Dessauvage, Devil, 16 x 12, Oil and acrylic on canvas

Tim French,"Des Ipsa Loquitur: "The thing speaks for itself ", 8x10, Graphite on Bristol

Cecil EciAm Gresham, Chasing the Dragon, 16x20, Photography

Jim Haller, Side Effects, 32 x 23, Paint Marker & Pills

John Houseman, Head Up, 12 1/4 x 16 3/4, Gouache on illustration board

Pamela Jennings, Head Study 1, 24 x 30, Acrylic

Francisco Pancho Jiménez, Ball of Heads, 13x13x13, Ceramic

 Dane Jones, E.P.’s Reoccurring Reminder – Forked, Lithograph, 5 x 8, $275

Kendall King, Mama Bear, 14x20, Scratchboard

Thomas Legaspi, Blood for Kings, 12x16, Oil on panel

Constance McBride, Whisperers, 10 x 13 x 11, Ceramic/Graphite

Darcy Meeker, Rockin' Robert, 7.5 x9x3.5, Ceramic

Daniel Johanan Mullins, Cosmological Contemplation, 36x48, Oil on canvas


Ugochukwu Charles, Onyewuchi, Modern Democracy
16x20, Oil and oil pastel on canvas


Kathleen Rogers, Mrs Carmichael, 8 x 12, Digital photo

Elizabeth Herrmann, Ryan Shelley, Poladroids, 31x4.25, Photography

Theda Sandiford, Selfie, 24x36, Mixed media

Mark Snyder, Hood Series: Red Series 003, 12x18, Photography-archival inkjet print

Zach Van Horn, Isoleucine, 30 x 40, Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas

Tun-Ping Wang, Undefined #2, 40x60, Pastel on paper

Dave Zackin, Lamp 3, 6x6x6, Ceramic