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Small Works
Holiday Exhibition and Sale

December 1 - 30, 2017
Reception: Saturday, December 2, 5-7pm


Andres J Acosta,Birds Chained to the Sky,11" x 15",Watercolor on paper

Andres J Acosta,Empiricism,11" x 15",Watercolor on paper

Francisco Arroyo,St 3,11.8" x 7.9",Mixed media on wood

Sigal Ben-David ,Girl | Undetermined Landscape,9.84" x 9.84",Archival print

Sigal Ben-David,Mounted Fish Trophy | Undetermined Landscape
9.84" x 9.84",Archival print

Eden Bender, Dwellers, 18" x 18", Collage, acrylic paint, and ink

Eden Bender, Bucket of Rubble, 18" x 18", Collage, acrylic paint, and ink

Andrew Binder,Skull Study Against Black,12" x 12",Archival print

Krzysztof Bobrowski,Streets in Spain,8" x 12",Watercolor / Acrylic

Krzysztof Bobrowski,Greece Island,12" x 12",Watercolor / Acrylic

Laura Castro, Complacent, Impatient, 12" x 6.75", Acrylic on canvas

Youri Chasov, AbsPetukh, 13" x 13", Digital painting

Dengke Chen, Segregated Water Fountains, 12" x 16", illustration and augmented reality

Dengke Chen, Tank Man, 12" x 16", illustration and augmented reality

Ellen Devens,Leave at Midnight,4 x 2" x 2",Mixed Media

Leah Dockrill,She Tried To Put A brave Face On it
12 in x 12 in x 1.5,Collage on canvas

Leah Dockrill,How Much Is Enough,16” x 16” x 1.5”,Collage on canvas

 Scott Dow, My Own Little World, 16" x 17", Wood, Paint

Candice England,Hatched,18" x 18",Graphite and colored pencil

Tracy Straight Freed,Hug?,8 1/2” x 11”,Mixed media

Tracy Straight Freed,We Three,7" x 5",Mixed media

Maria-Margarita Getova, Hunger, 13.78" x 9.84",Acrylic and Oil,$290

Bonnie Glassner,Reflection,5" x 7",Alcohol Ink on Yupo

Jerome Goldberg,I Love a Parade 4,11" x 14",Digital collage

Jerome Goldberg,Dance to the Music,11" x 14",Digital collage

Marcelina Gonzales,On the Backs of Our Mamás,10" x 8",Paper collage on wood

Daniel Goodman, Prison Tickle Fight, 8x10, Acrylic on canvas

Jason Gorcoff, The Silver Knife, 14" x 11", Oil on panel

Citizen Grey, Impenetrable, 2017,24" x 24",Mixed Media

Citizen  Grey, Wet Dream, 2017,24" diameter,Mixed Media

Sahar Hajali, Street Children, 7.8" x 7.8", Acrylic on canvas

Susan Harmon, Intoxicating Fragrance, 4" x 6", Mixed media on paper

Stephen Harmon, Red Smeared, 12" x 16", Mixed media on canvas

David B. Hopkins,One to four Hatts,12" d.,Papier mache, nails, paint

Kacey Idouchi,Family Tree of Birds,6" x 8",Digital

Yumie Kusuda,A Double Wreath,7" x 10" x 5",Recycled materials

Lisbet Lark, Weekend with Dad, 3.93" x 5.9"
Color pencil and ink on watercolor board

Lisbet Lark, The Taste of Sunset, 3.93" x 3.93"
Color pencil and ink on watercolor board

Valerie Leri,Sailboats in Harbor,6" x 6",Acrylic

Katia Lifshin,Alien Girl,12" x 12",Oil on canvas

Katia Lifshin,The Seed Grower,12" x 16",Oil on canvas

Georgina Love,Bic Ben,9" x 11",Oil on board

Georgina Love,Reward,8" x 10",Oil on clayboard

Alejandro Macias, Study of an Ignorant Man, 8" x 10", Oil on canvas

Melissa Mace, We Are The Ones, 11.6" x 14", Digital print on metal

Melissa Mace, Contact, 12" x 9.75", Digital print on metal

Teri McCans,Rising from the Ashes,18" x 14,Watercolor on paper

Teri McCans,Unfolding Vision of Evolving Echo Compression Part 2
18" x 14",Watercolor on paper

Catherine Meehan,Complex,14" x 17",Oil on muslin

Isabelle Milkoff,Growing a Tree 2,11" x 14",Collage on paper

Isabelle Milkoff,Peyotl Goddess,11" x 14",Collage on paper

Argie Moutafis-Agelarakis,#27,16" x 18",Mixed media

Gena Neumann,Not Surprised,12" x 12",Acrylic

Gena Neumann,Shhhhh…,8" x 8",Acrylic

Misako Oba,Cry For LIFE II from Beyond Time & Space series
12" x 18",Encaustic mixed media on wood

Amanda PL, Egret, 15" x 15", Acrylic on canvas, $350

Amanda PL, Puffin, 12" x 9", Acrylic on canvas, $200

Anagha Prasan, Whimsy 3/6, 8.5" x 6", Charcoal and ink on paper

Helle Rask Crawford, Happy Little Frog, Bronze and Gold

Helle Rask Crawford, Rose Princess, Bronze and Gold

Maria Ruenes, Madcow, 12" x 10" x 8", Recycled paper and cardboard

Fiona Reyna,Shag,11" x 12.5",Technical Photography

Erika Snitzer, Under the Influence: Tom Petty
--Don't Come Around Here No More
12" x 12", Mixed media

Laura Sogues,Amalur,11.8" x 11.8",Acrylic on canvas

Les St. Leon,Inside the Whales Belly 2 (The City),6" x 11",Ink on paper

Les St. Leon,Inside the Whales Belly (The City),11" x 7.5",Ink on paper

Joanna Stuart, Calling Birds, 12" x 15", Digital collage

Brian Truesdale,Ponder Obcession,11" x 8",Acrylic on Rives BFK

Brian Truesdale,Sensini,8" x 10",Acrylic on Rives BFK

Kim Valles, Three Headed Man, 8" x 8", Acrylic

Kim Valles, Green and Orange, 8" x 8", Acrylic

DeVondre Woodard,3a.m. Nightmares,9" x 12",Acrylic

Thomas Zydek,Ruby,11.8" x 11.8",Digital Photo on aluminum