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George Lee Crosby
Born: New York City, 1949
Died: Blue Hill, ME, 2016

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, NY
San Carlos Academy, Mexico City, Mexico

1970-71    Trica Karlis Gallery, Provincetown, MA
1972-74    Galerie Uno, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
1974-5      Gallery Del Mundo, East Broome Street, New York, NY
1976         Tirca Karlis, Provincetown, MA
1977         "Conched Out" Gallery, Key West, FL
1978         Gallery/Loft on Wooster St., Soho, New York, NY
1979         Studio V, Gallery Space on Union Square, New York, NY
1980-81    LaGalleria, San Cristobol de LasCasas, Chiapas, Mexico
1982-83    Lucky Street Gallery, Key West, FL
1984         Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, MA
1985         Dennis deBerry Gallery, Provincetown, MA
1986         Patrick Gallery, Provincetown, MA
                 Eau Gallie Gallery, Melborne, FL
1987         Limner Gallery, New York, NY
1988         Lagerquist Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1989         Gallery Kokoro, Sapporo, Japan
1990         Gallery Shoganai, Tokyo, Japan
1991-95    Represented by several aforementioned US Galleries while residing in Tokyo, Japan. Active as book illustrator                    and graphic designer.
1996         Traveled throughout China, Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim, India, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.
1997         Lafayette Gallery, Boston, MA
1998         Galeria Ars Nova, Puerto Vallarta
1999         Argosy Gallery, Bar Harbor, ME
2000         Tropic Art Gallery, Key West, FL
                 Sarah Jessica Gallery, Provincetown, MA and Newport, RI
2001         Caterpillar Hill Gallery, Deer Isle, ME
2002-03   Hemingway House Gallery, Key West, FL
                 Argosy Gallery, Bar Harbor, ME
                 Gallery Caterpillar Hill, Sedgwick, ME
2004         Lazy Way Lane Gallery, Key West, FL
2005         Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY
                 Captain Outrageous Gallery, Key West, FL
                 Blue Hill Bay Art Gallery, Blue Hill, ME
2006         Captain Outrageous Gallery, Key West, FL
                 Sabina Wood Gallery, Northeast Harbor, ME
2007         The Real Key West Gallery, Key West, FL
                 Gallery Hindu, Provincetown, MA
                 Doma Cafe Gallery, New York, NY
                 Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY

2008        The Real Key West Gallery, Key West, FL
                Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY
                Esmond-Wright Gallery, Provincetown, MA

The artist, George Lee Crosby has continuously exhibited at these and other galleries during the past thirty years. He is presently showing work in oil, watercolor and acrylic, from Key West, FL to Bar Harbor, ME. In 2004 he established a studio/residence at 20 Moose Lane, Blue Hill, Maine